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The Fall of America

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F.A.M.I.L.Y. What does it mean?
F.A.M.I.L.Y. Who they supposed to be?
Fake Ass Mutherfuckers I Love You

Failing At Making Intelligent Logical Youth

1. Fake Ass Mutherfuckers I Love You 2. Forget All Meaningless I Love You’s 3. Failing A Million infinite long Years 4. Frequently Ask M I L Y 5. Forever and Miserable I L Y 6. Fight And Make-up In lost Years 7. Fight Apologize Make-up Imitating Little Young 8. Forming/form A Multitude in lost year 9. Finding A Moment In Life Year 10. Forgot about Madly In Love Yeah-yeah 11. Fight after missing in love yeah-yeah

Verse 1
Take my words as verbal abuse because these are things you can’t define
For where were the grandparents that created my Leviathans
Grandparents are like the first beginning of the entity
Without the beginning there is no origination to learn from
Take the Keynesian view, aggregate demand does not necessarily
Equal the productive capacity of the economy;
Instead, it is influenced by a host of factors
And sometimes behaves erratically,
Affecting production, employment, and the biggest part
A Generation, for what does a F.A.M.I.L.Y. mean if you can’t theoretically explain it?

Verse 2

I’m hearing the wedding bells, all of a sudden that ship sails
They took vows, it was never carry out,
What started as intimacy turn to intimidating
And the wedding ring on their finger don’t signify a thing
Nor does that marriage certificate, it’s just a piece of paper - a waste
A reminder that forever and ever, and happily ever after’s are fantasy
I’m a fan to see just one example of what this marriage thing actually supposed to be
The idea golden, the reality a walk on a fine gray line betwixt hope & hopelessly This gets me thinking of Philosopher Hegel’s Aesthetics: The beauty of art is higher than that of natural surroundings
As Nature can be beautiful but nature does not possess the function
For such a function, an intention is mandatory, and thus agency – the artist.
Well, dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the face of this company
To join together two in holy Matrimony
Heaven only knows what in marriage you’ll make, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy
And if ya stay fixed in your ways, the worst is yet to come! So here we go back to Square One


Verse 3 What does it mean to be a father, a mother, brother and sisters? That is the question I ask, in reality family is a delusion Something to be but is not geometrically or genetically design It means to care about one another To listen with open ears, and not through ones opinion on “love” ones And most important to every family member to respect

This geometric sequence has a common ratio of 3,
Meaning that we multiply each term by 3 in order to get the next term in the sequence.
The recursive formula for a geometric sequence is written in the systematic formula
By Willie Lynch, need I remind you what you really become?
Yeah I thought so

Verse 4 As I studied Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity E = mc2, energy and mass are equivalent and transmutable In the field of physics, which involves the nature of matter Yet what seems to matter? Do you really know? For as I view it from my third eye, a mystical and esoteric concept The astronomical body and terrestrial mind Or shall I put it your single-minded brain will never rise Realize the celestial objects within the sky of non-eternal limit Then again, FAMILY still ain’t, shhh… Hook

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