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The Family Man

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“The Family Man”:

Film Essay

Kara Douglas

Eng 101, section 20650

Dr. S. Federico

April 19, 2010
“The Family Man”:

Film Essay

Do you like movies that show you how someone’s life could have been had they done things a different way? Are romantic comedies what peak your interest? Then The Family Man (2000) is the next movie you should watch. With the help of a magnificent cast, an uncomplicated plot, and captivating dialogue this movie is bound to become a classic.

Directed by Brett Ratner, this movie follows in the footsteps of It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol. All of these films start with the main character living life one way, going back through time and seeing things in a different way which leaves them wanting to change the way they currently live their lives.

Nicholas Cage and Téa Leoni’s characters complement each other fantastically. They really make you feel like the characters are truly in love. Cage, who plays Jack Campbell a president on Wall Street whose life completely changes in one night, really made the character feel like a real person. Viewers are able to believe his story. You actually see him coming into his own as this "new" person. His newfound responsibilities are quite humorous and easy to chuckle at. Jack deals with the problems a true family man would. Kate on the other hand, played by Leoni, is a pro-bono lawyer. She helps him get through the days, although she doesn’t know why he is acting so strange. The plot is just as uncomplicated as the characters. Every person wants to be given the chance to see their lives had they done something different. Jack is given that opportunity. Throughout the entire movie he is trying to fit into the “new” life he is handed. By the end of the glimpse he has an epiphany; he realizes that instead of
Douglas 2 going to...

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