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The Fire Next Time/My Dungeon Shook

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The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin is an analysis of race relations in America in the 1960’s. It is a personal perspective in the experience of being a Negro in that time. My Dungeon Shook is a letter addressed to the author’s nephew, named after him, written in the one hundredth anniversary of the emancipation, in which he tries to enlighten his nephew in order to keep him from following his father’s footsteps. He numbered the reasons why the white men have such closed perspective about inter racial relations and insists that it’s the Negros who must accept them and accept them with love because they are just confused and do not understand. He believes that the white men are innocent people with no hope, trapped in lies. He thinks they are like younger brothers to African Americans and therefore they shall force them to see themselves as they are. I am amazed of the way of thinking of this man. Instead of inciting fighting or protesting, which are in their every right after all African American people had been through, he rather put himself in the white men position. He has an almost Jesus Christ philosophy of love and acceptance and sees the white men as lost young brothers of the Negros and has the urge to guide them back the right path. He also points that African American are almost as guilty as the white men for following the standards they put them and live the lives that they set them to. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I think I would have never led myself to this ways. It’s easy to blame others especially if they took you by force from your home, enslaved you, and have been hundreds of years demeaning you. But, what have you done? Life is full of these stereotypes and I am not saying it is okay to stereotype, but most of the time they are true. They are true because we made them true. We hate when people judge but every time we get the opportunity we…...

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