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The Five Steps to the Writing Process

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The five steps in the writing process are: 1. Prewriting- asking questions, jotting down ideas and phrases, making a list of things you want in your essay. 2. Outline- this is when you are going to take all your information and ideas you gathered in prewriting and organize them in the order you want them in your essay. 3. Writing a rough draft- This is where you are going to take your organized thoughts that are now in your outline and write a rough draft of your final essay. 4. Revising- This is where you add, change, cut or move the information to make it sound better and more interesting. 5. Editing-This is when you are going to want to make sure all the grammar and punctuations are correct.

It is very important to follow a structured writing process with all writing projects so you stay focused. When you stick to a structured writing process you can allow for the correct amount of time to follow the steps. You will be able to brainstorm and write or type all the ideas, thoughts, words, and phrases that you are thinking of about the specific topic. Once you have gotten all the thoughts and ideas out of your head you are able to create an outline or structure of what you want your essay to look like and how you want it to flow. As soon as your outline is done you can jump into writing a rough draft. From there you are able to jump into the revising and editing steps that will make your essay sound great.

The topic I have chosen for the final assignment is two methods of losing weight.
There are a few reasons why I have chosen Two Methods of losing weight as my topic. First and I think most importantly is that losing weight and being healthy is very important to me. I have had two children and with that came a lot of extra weight that I do not want or need. Second is I want to know more about the best ways to lose weight that are not...

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