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The Flint Water Crisis

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Flint Water Crisis Community Teaching Experience
Leah Van Wagnen
February 2, 2016
Grand Canyon University
NRS 427V

All over the world there are people who unfortunately do not have clean drinking water. We mostly see this in areas of high poverty, including third world countries. It is a shame that nothing is done for most of those cities and people, but once this tragedy happens in an American city, aid is quick to come by. The purpose of this paper is to discuss a teaching plan developed around the topic of the Flint Water Crisis, water safety, symptoms of lead poisoning, water contaminants, and how to teach patients on those topics. This paper will also discuss the epidemiological rationale for the topic, evaluation of the teaching experience, the community’s response to the teaching, and areas of strength and weakness in the teaching plan.
Summary of Teaching Plan The teaching plan focused on the education of nurse residents, or new grad nurses, who work at Sparrow hospital in Lansing, MI and live within the mid-Michigan area. The members of the group I addressed were all between the ages of 21 and 30, have completed at least an associate’s degree in nursing, and are no stranger to interactive lectures and presentations. The education took place at Sparrow hospital and took approximately twenty minutes to complete at no cost to the teacher. PowerPoints were passed out to each individual containing the related information. These nurse residents were educated on the many events that took place during the current Flint water crisis, water safety and how to know if your water is safe, signs, symptoms, treatment and diagnosis of lead poisoning, and the most common water contaminants, their sources, and their health effects. In addition to the above content I also provided insight on how the nurse residents can use the information learned and apply it to...

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