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The Flowers Alice Walker

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The Flowers by Alice Walker “The Flowers” is a cheerful story that turns gloomy, and is about a young girls voyage away from home. The author of the story is Alice Walker, who was an African American woman born in Georgia in 1944, and is most noted for her story “The Color Purple” (Goldman). The major theme of “The Flowers” is a lesson about young child’s first journey away from home, which went from a particularly simple life at home into a very complex dangerous world; and three literary devices the author uses to advance her theme is the use of setting, irony, and symbolism. First, the setting of “The Flowers” plays an extremely important role in the theme because it helps paint a better picture in the readers mind. The story takes place in a rural setting, most likely the southern United States, because the family lives on sharecropping farm, which grows corn, cotton, and peanuts and has chickens and a pigpen. The family is poor because of the author describing the cabin as rusty, and also another clue the authors give is it’s a sharecropping farm, which is a government-funded program to help struggling farmers. The author uses the setting to provide the author with a sense of how simple the young child’s life must have been like on the farm.
Second, the author uses irony to show how simple the world can be and also how complex the world can be. With the help of the setting, the author creates irony in the beginning of the story. It starts out with the young child playing on a farm, which shows how simple her life is, but the author throws in the fact that it is a share-cropping farm, which is ironic because the families life is much more complex than the child’s. Also, when the author uses the white bubbles in the stream which disrupts the thin layer of black soil is ironic in a way that it represents the society...

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