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The Forgotten Group Member Case Study

Leadership and Organizational Behavior/GM591

January 22, 2012

Group Development
After reading the case study and reviewing the five stages of team development. I can say that the team is in the Storming stage of the team development. Even though they may appear in the Performing stage because the other team members were handling their part of the paper, the professor advised the team that they must deal with the problems within the group first. Christine skipped the Forming stage and based her opinion of her team mates on what she observed about them. Had she got to know them by meeting with them together or one on one, she could have gotten to see if her observation were accurate. It would have also given the team am insight on any outside issues that may affect the team. There was also no relationship with the entire team.

Problem Identification
The team was aware there was a problem with Mike’s participation (already identified as a clown based on Christine’s observation), but he was approached about his behavior and lack of contribution to the team. Christine may have been an organized hard working student, but she seems to lack skills in dealing with conflict. It became a big deal to Mike when he assumed that the team was meeting without him. Even after explaining the impromptu get together Mike still believed what his eyes saw and distanced himself again. Any of the team members could have reached out to Mike to get him to understand. There was clearly hostility within the team and it was coming from one source. This made it apparent that the problems were getting worse and the team’s project was at stake if nothing was to change about Mike’s behavior.

Retrospective Evaluation

The disconnection between the team and Mike could have been resolved by Mike approaching Christine or...

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