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The Fortune 500

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COMM 3201: Correspondence Package

During the course of your career you will be asked to communicate with internal and external customers via letters, memos and e-mails. E-mail has increased the amount of messages most employees create. Very few positions offer an administrative assistant who is responsible for creating and /or editing messages. Most positions with administrative assistants are at the executive level. All employees with a computer will likely be expected to create and respond to correspondence with minimal or no supervision. By getting the message right the first time you will save your company time, money and frustration.

Due Date: Weeks 9, 10, and 11 (See DC Connect Calendar for your due date)
Value: 20% (5% for each submission)
Submission Format: On time: Hardcopy, in class to professor Late: Assignment Dropbox in DC Connect (late voicemail will not be accepted)

You will be taught to respond to various types of requests by writing letters, memos, e-mails and creating voicemail messages. A scenario will be given for each correspondence and time given in class to work individually while receiving professor feedback. Components of the correspondence package will be assigned separate due dates.

Evaluation: Letters, memos, e-mails

Appearance 1 2

Content 1 2 3 4 5 6
(Clear, concise, complete)

Tone 1 2 3 4
(Appropriate for purpose, professional)

Mechanics 0 1.5 3
(Spelling, grammar, punctuation)

Total /15


You will listen to a sound file. Based on the information provided in this sound file, you will record and submit via Dropbox your respond to the message.

Evaluation: Voicemail

Appropriate salutation 1
Three point introduction 1 2 3

Logical development of ideas (organized and planned) 1 2
Correct Instructions 1 2

Follow-up details provided 1
Appropriate complimentary close 1

Clear, articulate voice 1 2
Appropriate pace
Elimination of distractions
Professional approach

TOTAL: /12


* Please remember, only one audio file will be listened to.

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