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The Four Way Test

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The Four Way Test is a very constructive guideline that is beneficial to many events and issues. If every citizen, every student, every human being used this test as a pattern and indicator for their dilemmas and obstacles, our community would become a more compassionate wiser place. The Four Way Test asks these questions: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it bring goodwill and better friendships? And is it beneficial to all concerned?

Is it the truth? Telling the truth is extremely important because in the end it is all you have Truthful gives you credibility with others, and without credibility, we are nothing. Not only is lying dishonest, but when someone lies, they often have to cover up one lie with another, and may get their own stories mixed up. John 8:32 states, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Is it fair to all concerned. Fairness is also a quality needed everywhere such as school or work. Performing a fair task means that you are doing it out of you heart and not just because you want to improve your reputation or because you want to impress the person who asked the favor. A fair decision requires a fair and just judge. Making a fair decision is difficult especially if it is an area that is unclear and gray. When you ask yourself if something is fair you need to determine each side justly and without any persuasion or influence from others.

Will it bring goodwill and better friendships? The definition of good will is a friendly disposition; benevolence; kindness. If you are kind to someone it will strengthen your relationship with him. Therefore out of good will, friendships grow. Goodwill can include anything from unloading the dishwasher to donating to a charity. Sometimes even acknowledging outcasts and having a brief conversation will make them feel important and loved. Some are worried about being shunned by their friends for interacting with the outcasts. If that is the case then they are not genuine friends and comments should be ignored. Gossip is common in conversations and certainly does not bring goodwill or better friendships. Sometimes making a small negative comment can get around and animosity as well as tension can be apparent in relationships. Gossips corollary results in sabotaged friendships and numerous enemies. Gossip should be eluded because it does the contrast of what the Four Way Test asks.

Is it beneficial to all concerned? When you are about to say or do something this question is good to remember. It is helpful to ask this when you are about to do something impulsive. Beneficial means that it will bring advantages to others that you have influence over or you are an example to them.

As a result the Four Way Test applies to all subjects and situations. This is a great and simple way to solve problems and make decisions. It is beneficial because any obstacle you stumble upon, this will aid you to get back on track.

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