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The Freshman Fear

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The night before Ethan just said that everything I do pisses him off and he did the thing where we won't say I love you back he just says ya or okay when I say it to him. and he was just pissed and then Friday morning he ignored me and was pissed then we went to go set up the stadium and he yelled at me because I wasn't hanging the sign right. he was just completely done with me so I went and talked to carp in activities and told her what was going on. and she said something and I just started bawling and then Ethan walked in and saw me crying and he walked right out and carp yelled at him and said "Rutherford get in here" And she talked to him in the storage room. And he seemed to be a little better then I was off campus 3rd and 4th so I tried being nice and I got him Taco Bell. carp even told me not to hang out with him and just give him space but I didn't listen and well I handed his food to him and he wouldn't take it but he ignored me all lunch and I had to go to ROP. So I said bye I love you. and he said "yeah bye Linda" And I was mad as it was and then he just acted like I was nobody to him. then he said something really rude to me and I started crying and prentice saw me and he was behind Ethan so he just mouthed "is everything okay" kinda just shook my head no..

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