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Week 7: Using Evidence: Thinking Like an Advocate
Reading Assignment
Read Chapter 6, "Using Evidence: Thinking Like an Advocate," on pages 136-151 in your textbook.

As you have seen in your studies through the first six weeks of class, evidence plays a critical role in any argument essay. It’s the evidence, of course, that helps to convince your reader that what you’re saying is true. "Read my lips" just doesn’t cut it.

In this lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to learn to examine your use of evidence so that you present your "case" in the best light. In the end, your reader will evaluate your claim based not only on the quality of the evidence you present, but also on your interpretation of it.

You will examine your evidence to determine its relevance, validity, and level of detail. Evaluating if you have enough – or too much – evidence and whether the evidence you’re presenting helps or hurts your case will conclude this week’s lesson.
Key Questions Textbook Pages
What is evidence? Identify the importance of evidence in a winning argument essay. Pages 136-138
How would you identify and utilize various types of evidence to support an argument? Pages 138-143
How would you evaluate supporting evidence? Pages 143-146
How would you analyze a sample argument? Pages 147-150
How would you use debate, dialogue, and deliberation to find evidence for all sides of an issue? NA
Week 7 Assignments

Major Writing Assignment 6: Who’s to Blame?
Reread the article, "Violent Culture: The Media, the Internet, and Placing Blame," by Darren Beals, pages 147-150 textbook.

Using all you have read about the role of violence in the media and on the Internet (including the essay we looked at this lesson, as well as your own experience, deliberate about your position on violence in the media.

Respond to the following question after your...

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