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The Function of a University

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Essay on The Function of a University

The university occupies a place of overwhelming importance in our educational system. All our eyes are turned towards it. The universities in our country were originally planned by our colonial rulers to be factories for producing, on a large scale, certified clerks and copyists.
Hence, the function of an India University was for a long time to test the students, after a prescribed course of studies has been completed in the colleges. Nominal provision was made for the study of law, medicine and engineering and commerce. And so a vicious system has grown up; teachers help the students to memories for examination; students cram and load their mind with the odds and ends of learning; papers-setters demand of the examines a moderate reproductions of what they have memorized.
A country excepts its universities to provide leadership for different filed of the society. A University as the seat of higher learning may be said to have succeeded in its primary mission if it has given us leaders. It is not merely an examining body but has to serve as a centre of high academic studies and research.
But an Indian University with decided bias for arts and commerce is only turning out graduates. The complaint that our graduates are unemployed is a charge not against the University, which is not an employment bureau, but against the State whose duty is to remove unemployment. To require a University to find employment for her alumni will be a diversion of her function.
The allotted duty of a University is the advancement of learning, the pursuit of the sciences and the arts. Private donation, however liberal, is not an effective substitute for State help.
Lowering of educational standards is fatal to the ideals of a University. It should have well-equipped liberty up-to-date laboratories.
The University Grants Commission has been making...

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