The Future of Security Industry on Nigerian Economy

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A Paper titled “Global Socio-Economic Crisis and Crime Control Policies: Regional and National Comparison” presented to the International Society for Criminology (ISC) during the 2011 Kobe, Japan 16th World Congress of ISC held between August 5 -9, 2011 in Japan.


Nwokwu Mathew

A delegate from Federal Republic of Nigeria
National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)
Department of Criminology and Security Studies
Special Study Centre for the Nigerian Navy, Apapa
Lagos Nigeria
West African Sub-Region.

Your Excellency:
The President of the International Society of Criminology (ISC)
The Organizing Committee and Local Arrangement Committee
The Japan Federation of Criminological Associations (JFCA),
The Cooperating Organizations and Other Assistants, whose efforts have made this event a success,
Officials from the United Nations and Council of Europe present;
Criminologists all over the world present;
Let me also acknowledge the presence of my brother, my father, my friend, mentor and my sponsor, Dr. Boniface Afifia-Oru, who is one of the frontiers of Socio-Economic development in Africa, the author of ‘Dynamics of Credit Economic System in Africa, a technocrat, Sir, you are now a kinsman of International Society for Criminology,
Ladies and Gentlemen.
It is great to come to the original abode of immortal beings. As a young man I am very curious to read about the legend that in 219 BC, Emperor Shih Huang-Ti sent 3,000 young boys and girls to your Island to bring back the herb of immortality. The young boys and girls did not return to China but remained and populated Japan. In my case, my sponsor came along with me to make sure that I return to my country Nigeria.
First and foremost, let me express my deepest condolence on behalf of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the National Open University of Nigeria which I represent, to the good people of Japan for the recent…...