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The Future of Shopping

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“The future of shopping” case study It is often said that “life is not a wish-granting factory”, however from the case we seem to witness a shopping future that meets all the needs of customers. Imagining a perfect normal day, walking down the fifth avenue and saw a pretty dress you really liked, you went home and couldn’t possibly get that dress out of your mind. Therefore, you went on the Internet and found the exact same dress and saw the price on the website of the store. Will you just buy the dress directly from the Internet without thinking about other possible opportunities? The answer is no. Most of us will start to browse other information about the dress and start to compare it with different other stores that possibly has a cheaper price for the dress. Or even go to the real store and check the dress out for yourself, plus send a picture of you trying on the new dress and send it to your friends for feedback. The thing about the future shopping life is Internet inevitably connects all of us. Not only the consumers but also the retailers are adjusting in order to thrive in this new ever-changing future. It is written in the case that nowadays, consumers are getting harder to please, they would like to avoid the hassle to virtually visit the store in person because sometimes the stores are crowded with people tending to either appreciate the products or fighting for discount stuffs. On the other hand, they also fear for buying those products that look good on the Internet but not so much in real life. To meet the needs of the customers in an Internet thriving future, retailers are facing difficulties maintaining a balance between their virtual stores and on-line Internet channels.
It is a challenge for traditional retailers to adjust their marketing strategies since their old strategies are mostly to focus on traditional ways in selling the products....

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