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The Future Psychology 460

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The Future
Psychology 460

The Future Living in the 21st century is filled with challenges that are not just related to psychological and emotional aspects of life, but those challenges include the impact of what mankind has done to the atmosphere and the environment. From the time of the Industrial Revolution until today, the requirements of a changing industries and especially technology may have provided many conveniences for us to make our lives easier, but with those technologies and conveniences, comes a number of things that have also contributed adversely to the atmosphere of the earth and henceforth affecting the inhabitants of this earth from humans, to every living being on this planet. This negative impact can be seen in many ways, and if we decided to compile a list of the components of this planet that have been adversely affected, the list would become very long.
The root cause of all the pollutions is the way mankind has utilized this environment, including atmospheric/air pollution. The percentage of the pollutants, the variety of pollutants and their impact has steadily increased greatly in past several decades. The developments of new technologies have also been accelerating this process and are only worsening it. We only need think of this issue in these terms: every time a company builds a new cell phone, or a new car, or a new chemical, when (not if) will we start breathing the toxins from those technologies? What harmful gases will be released from the industries as a result of manufacturing the technological goods for the ease of mankind?
Torrents of smoke from the brick kilns roll out of smoke stacks, thick fumes from the vehicles and automobiles, massive burning of the rain forests in several parts of the world, terrorism, bomb blasts and explosions, use of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), cutting down of trees for clearing...

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