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The Future of Global Communications: an Analysis of, “What the World Will Speak in 2115”

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The Future of Global Communications:
An Analysis of, “What the World Will Speak in 2115”

Keren Gaona
The University of Texas at El Paso
Global Business 3304
May 19, 2016
According to the speculations of linguistic expert, John McWhorter, who wrote the article, “What the World Will Speak in 2115,” in one hundred years English will become the most widely understood language. If current trends continue, in the future one can imagine a world in which humans all share a single universal language. Having a common language would potentially open the doors to many opportunities for increased economic activity and cultural interaction. Additionally, as we travel into the 22nd Century, lesser used and more complex languages that are spoken today will become extinct. Subsequently, the few languages that survive will evolve into simplified versions making them much easier to learn. In agreement with McWhorter, is Andres Martinez, a reporter for Time Magazine who wrote, “Why Mandarin Won’t Be a Lingua Franca.” English is one of the languages that will withstand the test of time because of its strong presence in the world today. Martinez lends insight into how the French have watched English gain dominance in spheres of economic influence. A universal language does not mean the demolition of the diversity of cultures that we observe today, it simply means that English will be a middle ground among the nations.
A professor and writer from Harvard Business Review, Tsedal Neeley, goes one step further asserting that English already is the universal language of trade in his article, “Global Business Speaks English.” He recounts a business deal that went south simply because two parties could not speak with one another, as a turning point and wake-up call that English was imperative for companies. According to his work, “English is the fastest-spreading language in human...

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