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The Future of Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management is the process of “getting keeping, and growing good people.” (Mike Losey, 2005) As people look to the past of Human Resource Management, they must also look at the changes needed to perform the duties in the future. Technology, society, and business have changed over time causing the duties of a Human Resource Manager to change. In the past, many employees and companies shared a common loyalty for each other that made the staff members dedicate their lives to the same company. That has now changed with people moving from company to company in search of experience and the challenge to improve their resume. As the position moves into the future, each manager needs to realize that they have to be able to wear many different hats. In order to obtain qualified employees, an HR Manager should have an understanding of every aspect of the company. The position of a Human Resource Manager is always revolving into a new aspect of the company. In order to progress into the future of HR, professionals must look into the past. This will allow companies to anticipate issues that may arise and avoid outcomes that were produced in the past.
As companies move into the future, they need to create a network of recruiting that does not force them to weed through tons of applicants. In the past, access to qualified individuals has been limited to a local area, but the future offers technology that opens the door to applicants worldwide. Using the older method of recruiting is not cost effective. It takes time and money to view a large number of unqualified recruits in order to get the few that are qualified. A good technique to use is one that puts the applicants through a program to determine the most experienced individuals. Many companies outsource this process through temp agencies. These agencies weed out qualified employees and allow companies to try...

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