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“Right now the only thing that I am concerned with in my life is being an artist. I had to suppress it for so many years in high school because I was made fun of, but now I’m completely insulated in my box of insanity and I can do whatever I like” These truly inspirational words spoken by Lady Gaga put my whole life in words. Although I hadn’t been teased for believing in my dream of becoming a well known actor I did however have that dream somewhat suppressed by teachers, family and other authorities by a list of cliché jobs which I believe I was not meant to do. Although I simply agreed to give these careers paths a chance, secretly I was only focussing on my dream. I set my self a goal to focus upon things to make my dream become reality.

Suddenly a pop singer by the name of Lady Gaga popped out from her glitter world onto the pop charts. At first glance I paid no attention to her but after listening to her songs and analysing their meanings I decided to give the artist a chance. I realised that on a first glimpse Lady Gaga appears to be nothing but another blonde pop singer desperate for attention, but soon realised that she is much more. I realised that Lady Gaga is a true inspiration. She spent most of her high school years focussing on her academic studies hoping to one day put them into her performances.

Lady Gaga was born in New York City and Acquired the name Joanne Stefani Germonatta at birth. But her producer gave her the name Gaga as he noticed she was eccentric and also because she was in love with the works of Freddy Mercury. Throughout her teenage years she performed in New York’s many bars singing her own songs. Lady Gaga never gave up on her dream of becoming an artist and took many of the experiences she had had while working in bars and burlesque clubs and put them into her art.

I recently attended her “Monster Ball Tour”, which was what I believe was her greatest work of art. This performance focussed upon having fun, art and pop culture. Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball focuses upon the much darker side of art. Throughout the performance a serious of interludes where placed strategically to catch the eye of the audience off guard. With their deep emotionally provoking meanings. She also uses educational backgrounds to aid her in making not only well crafted shows but also thought provoking ones. An interlude that stands out in particular is one that pays tribute to Alfred Hitchcock. In this interlude we can see Lady Gaga in a selection of outlandish outfits some of which are pretty disturbing. But although these images are being flashed before our eyes the thing that really catches us off guard is the speech made by Lady Gaga:
“Like kings writing the history of their people. Its their prolific nature that both creates and procures what will later be perceived as the “Kingdom”. So, the real truth about Lady Gaga fans. Lies in this sentence: They are the kings, they are the queens; they write the history of the kingdom, and I am something of a devoted jester. . . When you are lonely, I’ll be lonely, too.
This interlude tells us how much she adores her fans, by thinking of her self as nothing more than a jester to entertain us. This piece of art by Lady Gaga meets Scholar shows us the whole world obsessed with vanity and Fame. This quote was very inspirational to me as it showed how much in sync Lady Gaga was with her fans. It made me feel special as she acknowledged that he success was due to us he “little monsters”.

This concert for me was simply euphoric. I could not believe that I was one of a lucky few that got to see my idol . I didn’t care that I was hot and sweaty and quite frankly I was a mess, I just enjoyed every moment of it taking in every tiny detail into consideration. The mixture of sex drugs and strobe lights sent my mind spiralling into a glitter abyss. Finally I could connect with Lady Gaga and be a part of her art. Be a part of her. From start to finish I was shouting every single word back to the singer and being caught up in the moment I let me mind do the talking. At a particular quiet part I found my self shouting “I fucking love you Lady Gaga” and when she turned around and acknowledged my presence I felt my heart explode out of my chest. Although she is just a human being the fact that she looked directly at me filled me with a great feeling. One I had never felt before. All the way through the concert I found my since 3 feet in the air jumping and dancing along with the crowd. We became one. We all had the thoughts and feelings through the concert and felt like we were their as a family of “Little monsters”. The night was a complete work of art one I shall never forget for as long as I live. Just now thinking about the concert makes me want to shout and scream all the words to all of her songs just to try and relive one second of that concert. My greed for Lady Gaga will never subside and I will do what ever it takes to see her again when she returns to Glasgow. Although I wasn’t intoxicated that night I left the show higher than ever as my body was craving more of this new drug I had taken in I found my self walking home singing all of the words and repeating speeches made by Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga took it into her own hands to solve the mystery of “ is lady gaga a man?”. Courageously in her music video for the record “Telephone” she is handled by transvestite guards and thrown into a prison cell where she is stripped of her designer jail uniform to reveal nothing more than electrical tape across her breasts. This clearly shows how much the singer will do so the truth can be revealed. Nudity to Lady Gaga is nothing more than a designed dress as long as she has high heels on “ I’d rather die than let my fans see me without high heels”. This quote is very important as she is a true celebrity. She takes her work very seriously and never lets her fans down as in many magazines you see celebrities at their worst but you will never see Lady Gaga in a pair of jogging bottoms.

The true reason that Lady Gaga inspires me is not because of her creative song lyrics or her wacky outfits, both I do enjoy. But most of all Lady Gaga inspires me because she never gave up on her dream in becoming an artist which she was always destined to be. She has taught me that a performer trained just to be a performer is only a performer and nothing else. But a performer educated in core academic skills and also educated in experience as shown by Lady Gaga can change the world of their fans and the world of others. I can only hope that one day I too find myself in my own box of creative insanity in which I can shape my world about me and hopefully shock myself with the things I will be able to accomplish.

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