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In today’s time, gays and what media calls or interpreted as queers are closer to everyday people’s life. One of the most popular shows in media streams today such as Modern Family tries to portray how a gay white couple raises an adopted baby girl from Vietnam. Should we say that media has improved interpreting what gay’s families looks like, or should we say that it has failed?
In this essay I would like to analyses how media is still failing to portray how real gay couples behave, and how media is still failing to show other side of homosexuality that is not just the typical funny, overemotional one, media is still facing some difficulties portraying a real definition of homosexuality, if we can say that there is an actual “real definition” of what it means to be homosexual and to be gay parents.
What is so different in Modern Family that has not been shown in early shows such as lets say Will and Grace? Is it the fact that in the new and better version of gay couples Mitchell and Cameron adopted a girl, or is it the fact that in Modern Family Mitchel and Cameron are in a serious relationship? In contrast to Will and Grace, Will is gay as well, but is never shown in a serious relationship, and then Jack, Will’s gay friend is also single and never appeared with anybody else. Yes, it is true that these shows are somehow different because the characters are not the same and the ones in Modern Family have families, and the Will and Jack are just alone. We can say that they are different, but at the same time are they that different?
Modern Family tries to show both sides of the coin by showing in their roles how Cam, the big guy, is this emotional, overreacting and free bird of the relationship; he is the mother figured; while Mitchel, the white skinny good looking guy, is the one who brings

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