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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Foundational Truth Volume 8

By Peter Tan

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© Copyright 2008 Peter Tan Evangelism. All rights reserved.


In this book we seek to focus on the practical aspects of operating the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Definitions and explanations are given on each gift but we also explain the ‘how’ of each operation. Christians need to understand what type of gifts they are receiving before they can operate in them. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not manifesting much in some places because of a lack of teaching. It is teaching that brings faith and understanding for the operation of the gifts. This book was written with this purpose in mind. Understand the call of God in your life. Flow in the dispensation of God’s grace upon you. Know the limits and boundaries of the operation of His gifts in your life. May He grant the greater anointing to be upon you. Pastor Peter Tan


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