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When I saw that fork in the road up ahead in my life; I chose modesty instead of glamour. “If I want to look beautiful, I do it for me, when I wear this I feel part of a faith, an identity. I feel good. That’s what beauty is.” I said to him
We today have lost what true beauty is. There seems to be an unspoken rule that women are not worth being seen in public unless they are dressed to gills, with overdone makeup and flashy Clothing. Even I had fallen prey to the idea that my beauty is wrapped up in how I look. Watching girls with sensational hair colors in glamorous clothes wearing high heels, I felt urge to do these things. I was becoming my own worst critic. I used to fret over my clothes and worry over my hijab. I started to feel I look far from my best in hijab. I should also wear fancy clothes, do makeup, style my hair and look stunning.
This kind of behavior was so crept into me that I wanted to quit my hijab. But it was a tough decision because this is not the way Allah intended us to live. I had to choose but I was so confused, I wanted to look beautiful but at the same time did not want to lose my modesty. I kept on thinking, hour after hour, but couldn’t arrive at a decision. I thought there is nothing wrong with a woman doing things to keep her looking beautiful and attractive. Frankly, Allah is not interested in the color of lipstick I wear or how I style my hair. So if I choose to quit hijab I would appear more beautiful and attractive. I will not feel like a stranger in public. It will be easy to make friends and socialize. And people won’t judge me as conservative.
But this way I will be going against the teachings of Islam because according to the revelation given to us by Allah, Muslim women were to act with humility and modesty, in both their conduct and their dress. Their beauty is not to be found in clothes and makeup.
Instead their beauty is to be seen in the hidden person or the person they are inside. And being glamorous means more enticing to men, which is prohibited in Islam. However, if I continue with my hijab; Allah will be pleased with me, I will be safe, and free from all guilt.
Both choices were equally appealing. Therefore I decided to do a research on this subject to have a better understanding of the consequences. Thus I learned modesty starts in the intent of heart. It’s all about discerning fine line between proper dressing and dressing to be the center of attention. A woman should examine her motives and intentions for the ways she dresses. For this purpose, I asked myself is my intent is to show my grace and beauty? Is it to reveal a humble and pious heart? Or is it to call attention to myself and flaunt my beauty? Or worse, is it an attempt to allure men?
As I walked in my thought, I stumbled on the street, my scarf slipped from my hair and a stranger came to help me. He asked me “You have beautiful hair, why do you have to cover it up?” “I don’t have to, I choose to.” I said
“Too bad, because you’re pretty.” He said
“You mean I’m not beautiful in my hijab.” I said
Now the decision wasn’t that hard, my dressing is definitely not motivated by a desire for attention or to be sexually enticing. I don’t have to wear high heels or flashy clothes to look beautiful. I can be beautiful in my hijab. I don’t know what will be the consequences of my choice in future but I chose my modesty because pleasing Allah is more important for me than pleasing myself.

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