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The Glbal Phamaceutical Industry

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Student Name : Singh, R.
: Hariram, E. : Marimuthu, V.K.

Student Number : 20054057 : 20101233 : 19852274

Assignment Title : The Global Pharmaceutical Industry.

Date : 10 March 2012


Question 1
Identify the main environmental forces currently affecting the global pharmaceutical industry?

PESTEL analysis of the global pharmaceutical industry:

Political * Governments set stringent regulation and is a powerful purchaser. * Governments around the world focus on pharmaceuticals as a politically easy target in their efforts to control rising health care expenditure. * Inter-country pricing disparities.
* European free trade agreements. * Deregulation of market to allow foreign drugs to compete.
* Ageing population puts pressure on healthcare systems. * Epidemic of chronic diseases. * Rising consumer expectations. * Payers choosing generic drugs for first-line treatment of common ailments.
* Increase productivity, decrease costs and develop new treatment modalities to enhance profitability. * Impact of Internet on traditional business models. * Impact of genetic research on industry.
* Industry operations are becoming more stringent with increasing standards and requirements for environmental protection. Legal * Rigorous regulatory scrutiny governed by legislation. * Legislation enacted to set a fixed period on patent expiry.

Question 2
Use scenario planning techniques to consider the various environmental influences which may affect the global pharmaceutical industry in the future? Key drivers for change: * Scientific advances leading to new drug discovery processes and greater targeting of treatments. * Continued mergers...

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