The Global Impact of E-Commerce

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I work as a trainee for E-Solutions a recently established local company specialising in E-Commerce consultancy and in design implementation and hosting of E-Commerce websites for small local businesses. E Solutions has a potential new client a clothes manufacturing business called Trends which is considering an E-Commerce website. I have been asked to meet with the managing directors at Trends to explain the benefits and drawbacks of an E-commerce website.

The benefits of introducing an E-Commerce system to the organisation of Trends clothing would be a huge benefit to their business. The reason is because it will give the company additional source of revenue via a marketing and distribution channel. They would have fewer overheads like no expansive or employee costs, phone, insurance power or any other bills that they would deal with on a regular basis.
For Trends clothing company having an E-Commerce business it would be open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Having the website there customers don’t have to travel long distances no more to get to their store as the E-Commerce will allow them to visit the store with just a few clicks away. With being online your store will be global and anyone with an internet connection can visit your store. They can sell to customers from anywhere around the world no matter what their time zone is that they live in. The customer can also locate the product a lot quicker and there is no pushing a trolley about to get up to the checkout.

Customers can navigate about the site by the search box to narrow down their product search. This can sometimes be remembered by the website to facilitate a repeat purchase. E-Commerce means better and quicker customer service which makes the customer a lot happier. The customer can have better buyer decisions plus a lot more choice and is also cheaper to shop online.
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