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The God-Is-Dead Theology

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BY EL-FATIH J. AJALA (25927535) THEO 510 LUO



Paul Enns in his book The Moody Handbook of Theology states of theologians who profess this theology, “deny all forms of traditional ontology and allow for no sovereign and unconditioned Being but only a ‘God’ who at some point in the dialectic wills His own self-annihilation” and that, “man must learn to live without God.”[1] The lack of universal truth in our lives in this 21st century can be directly attributed to the lack of morals and moral values begun in the 19th century; and which took root in the 20th century; and might be the death of man in the 22nd century. In stating that God is dead, it has to be shown that:

* Is God dead?

* Science and technology can solve the world’s problems

* God died as a transcendent God when Christ died

* The Bible is narrative (i.e. myth)

This review of the God-Is-Dead theology focuses on these four questions.

Is God Dead?

In an article written in the Chicago Tribune in 1963 it is stated that two men (Thomas Altizer and William Hamilton) experienced the death of God. Upon this statement, a “theology” was born. This is very unusual as both of these men happen to be atheist. This then begs the question, if you are an atheist and profess to not believe in God then, how could you have experienced the death of that which you state does not exist in the first place? Secondly, this is very unusual due to the understanding that atheists had never called...

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