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The Red Line

The Red Line is a short story written by Charles Higson in 1993.
It takes place in the centre of London. We are following three different points of views, from three completely different people.

In the beginning of the story we are in Oval where we meet this cherub looking guy.
His skin is white as milk, he is plumb and he has got golden curly locks on his head. He is very vain and does not tolerate any body hair. He is also very obsessed about being clean and washes himself twice a day to be so.
His biggest interest is karaoke. Every Friday night he goes to The Brunswick to sing songs by Bob Seger, his big hero. He studies the music videos to do the dance moves perfectly, and when he is singing karaoke, he feels superior.
We are also told that he is a racist. It seems very important to him to be as white and as clean as possible. Also, when The Brunswick is being made into a dance club instead of a karaoke club, he talks about “black disco music” being something disgusting.
Later on he also talks about the Italian man, Berto, and that he looks like a monkey with all his body hair. He feels that people like Berto, visitors as well as immigrants, are ruining London.

Berto is an Italian guy who comes to London to visit Cathy, an English girl he met in Venice.
They had a holiday relationship and spend a lot of time together, especially in bed. Berto does not understand a lot of English, and little does he speak it, but he did understand to come visit her in Hackney.
When Berto finally comes to London, longing for what he had with Cathy, nothing is what he thought it would be. Cathy has an open relationship with another man, and the fact that the three of them spend a lot of time together confuses Berto even more.
On their way home from a party Cathy gets angry at Berto, not knowing what he said to upset her, and leaves him in the...

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