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The Great Escape

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Year 12 Legal Studies Notes
Focus Study: Crime
Key Legal Concepts and Features of the Legal System

Crime - a violation of a law in which there is injury to the public or a member of the public and a term in jail or prison, and/or a fine as possible penalties

Types of Crimes

Offences against the person
Offences against the person are defined as acts that intend to cause harm or injury to the victim


Definition: is the unlawful killing of one person by another

* Murder is the killing of one person by another “with malice aforethought”(mental component) * Manslaughter is the killing of someone in circumstances less culpable than murder. (generally given a lighter sentence than for murder)

Degrees of awareness | Murder | Voluntary Manslaughter | Involuntary manslaughter | Non-criminal Killing | Intention to killReckless indifference of life Constructive murderDeath during intention to commit grievous bodily harm | Where the intention to kill or cause the act is mitigated by other factors, such as provocation or diminished responsibility | Non-reckless indifference to life or manslaughter by criminal negligenceReckless indifference to grievous bodily harmManslaughter by an unlawful and dangerous act | Death by non-criminal negligenceDeath by an unlawful act that is not dangerousAccidental deathSelf-defence |



* In 2001 of the 340 homicides in Australia, 306 were murder * Maximum penalty is life imprisonment


* In 2001 of the 340 homicides in Australia, 34 were manslaughter * Maximum penalty is 25 years in gaol but offender may not go to gaol, may receive a lesser penalty or be acquitted

Assault and Battery

Assault Definition: Assault is the threatening to do violence to someone

Battery Definition: Battery is the attacking of another, causing actual physical...

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