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The Great Salt Lake

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The Great Salt Lake
INT1 Task 2

(Ha’Eri, 2004)


The Great Salt
Lake is located in northern Utah.

(USGS, n.d., b)

Biotic Components

Brine Shrimp
Brine Flies

(Wikipedia, n.d.)

(Wurstsbaugh, 2014, d)

Abiotic Components
-Surface elevation 4200 feet above sea level
-Depth averages 14 feet
-Railroad crosses through the lake
-Averages 15.7 inches of precipitation per year
-Water temperature varies from below freezing to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. (Gwynn, 2002)

Current Human Impact
-Humans building a railway through The
Great Salt Lake has divided the lake and caused that half of the lake has a higher salinity percentage than the other half.
This is caused by the South end has more fresh water flowing into it and the North end has more salt water flowing through it.
Because of the railway, it doesn’t pass through to the other side.
The percentage of salinity is affecting the brine shrimp eggs harvest. It has decreased. The residents in the Salt Lake area use more water than the average people in the country. Not conserving and using so much water is affecting the water levels of the
Great Salt Lake. The lake is getting smaller each year. (USGS, 1999)

Future Human Impacts
-If current water usage trends continue, the lake will continue to get smaller and smaller. With future growth of the area expected to triple in the next 50 years, Utahns are facing a water shortage problem.
-The continued increase in salinity in the North portion of the lake and decreased salinity in the South portion will affect brine shrimp harvest. Something needs to be done with the railway so there is more water circulation.
(Miller and Klotz, 2010)

-Implement a water conservation act for the residents and businesses in the area. Limiting the...

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