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The Greatest Experience of My Life

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The Greatest Experience of my Life
“The biggest risk in life is not taking any risk.” Mountaineering is a risk, a danger , fun and a learning about life. It was a feeling of great joy and achievement at the summit - a triumphant success - after overcoming danger, fear, and risk of death. With the purpose of having fun and spending our time, my two cousins, Avinash and Avijit. and I planned to go for trekking to the world’s biggest mountain pass, Thorung La Pass. It was a breathtaking experience. In the beginning of our journey, it was fun. But ‘danger’ and ‘risk’ is a part of every trekking and we soon came to know this as we went higher altitude. Also the immature leadership and dispute between us led to the problem that we had never faced before. “How far is it now?” Avinash asked in a hushed tone. ”Probably, 2 hours more.”. I replied. It was the first day of our trekking and we were tired walking continuously for 7 hours. The weight of the trekking bag and boots added the exhaustion making every one of us look pale. We were all full of sweat. It was soon going to be night so we had to walk fast. Suddenly the weather became a bump on our road. The weather turned blustery. It started lightening and thundering with heavy squall. We were in dilemma how to handle the situation. But then I saw a small hut in the jungle, we rushed towards the hut, waited there for the weather to cool down. We heard some noise from the jungle deep inside. It was strange but fearful. We didn’t take a step from that hut then. My mind was full of questions. “Was that the sound of a tiger?”, “Are we safe here? “ . Hopefully, the weather cooled down and we saw lights far distant to us. We thought that we have hit our destination for that day...

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