The Guide to Survival

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John Doe
* Ms. Smith
* English IV Honors
* 12 December 2010
* The Guide to Survival
* Daniel Defoe’s novel depicts a young Englishman who is shipwrecked on his journey from Brazil. Crusoe becomes joyful after years on the island, calling himself “the king.” Saving the life of a man that the cannibals have come to feast upon, he finds companionship. Naming him Friday, Crusoe takes responsibility for him, educates him but still considers him as a slave. Despite being accustomed to living on a plantation, he adapts to island life. When Crusoe returns later to the island, he finds that the island is an imperial colony governed by Spaniards. When mental toughness is challenged, adaptation to the environment with courage and happiness are the key to survival.
* In Robinson Crusoe, Crusoe says “And now I have Difficulties to struggle with, too great for even Nature itself to support, and no Assistance, no Help, no Comfort, no Advice; then I cry’d out, Lord be my help, for I am in great Distress” (91). After Crusoe makes this statement, he becomes independent and figures out the ways of survival by surveying the island as he becomes healthier and starts to mark the days that he has been stranded. He learns that he cannot give up if he wants to see the light of another day. When people are put into a different environment then they are used to, they do not learn to adapt which leads them to an unsuccessful survival point. Change of life styles is the answer to survival just as Crusoe did and people must take advantage of the chances they have to stay alive.
* As a person is put in a tough position, they tend to forget to fight their struggle internally. According to O’Connell, “Survival is about retaining a positive mental attitude” (O’Connell). Becoming worried about surviving, one forgets to remain confident, but they must “hang…...