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The Gulf Oil Spill

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By Loyd P. Cadwell
Webster University




The theme of this section is socialization and attribution within an organization. The culture within an organization is studied with many good examples. Socialization, as defined at is: “A continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position.”
On the other hand, per the American Heritage Dictionary, attribution is: “Something, such as a quality or characteristic, which is related to a particular possessor; an attribute.”
Therefore, this section introduces with examples of social behavioral problems in the work place. Everyone is shaped by his or her experiences because of company culture, unique situations, personal history, and other individuals they work with. We all learn and grow as we learn through these experiences……

Story 1 – But Some Animals
Are More Equal Than Others

Summary of Material

Our first story talks about the fact that there is a hierarchy of executives, managers, and workers within an organization. If we are well socialized in an organizational culture, we can see why certain people hold the jobs they have within that company. Usually, it is because they have certain special attributes which make them a good “fit” for that job. Therefore, we can attribute the abilities and motives of managers as the reason they have been given (earned?) the jobs which they now have. This perception can be self-fulfilling. That is to say, “the company must know what they’re doing or that person wouldn’t be doing it.”
There are also symbols, rituals, and myths which help to explain attributions of...

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