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The Health History Project

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Nicole Arango
Required Uniform Assignment
The Health History Project
Health Assessment: NR302
February 7, 2016

1. Biographic Data
Name Todd Matthew Riddick
Phone 609-577-9068
Address 8264 SW 179th Terrace, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Birthdate February 28th, 1972 Birthplace Trenton, NJ
Age 43 Gender Male Marital Status Divorced
Occupation Radiology Technologist Employer Baptist Hospital of Miami
Race/ethnic origin Black

2. Sources and Reliability
Client arrived to appointment alone. Client claims to be woken by his own snoring on occasion. Client’s girlfriend scheduled the appointment due to annual checkup. Client claims that he is not hypertensive, but is on preventative medication due to family history.

3. Reason for Seeking Care
Client claims appointment was made as an “annual checkup/follow-up.”

4. Present Health or History of Present Illness
Subjective: Client claims he believes to be in good health. Participates in gym routines minimum of 4x a week. Client claims to eat relatively healthy.
Objective: Client has a BMI of 24.3, otherwise, normal.

5. Past Health
Client claims to have improved his health over the past 10 years. Client was hospitalized 3 years ago for left should reconstructive surgery due to a motorcycle accident.

Describe general health
Client claims to be a smoker for the past 25 years. Client smokes roughly 6-8 cigarettes a day. Client claims to have regular sleep patters with 6-9 hours of sleep a night.

Previous illnesses, accidents, injuries, or operations
Client denies having any childhood illnesses. Client had motorcycle accident, age 38. Suffered left shoulder injury, but continued regular daily activities without hindrance. At age 42, Client tripped and fell and suffered further damage to left shoulder,...

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