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The Hero In Kyle Carpenter's The Soldier

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When the word “hero” is spoken upon, a connection is typically made with the word “super,” and the thought of characters flying around saving lives in some way, shape, or form arises. Heroes define not always as classic fictional characters such as Superman or Batman; heroes are people who stand for the common good, who make selfless sacrifices for a public cause. Selflessness means having little to no concern for oneself, to give to others without looking for personal gain. An exact science to what makes someone a hero lacks presence- instructions on how to attain the position of a hero do not exist. However, performing acts of goodness with no intent of personal gain can qualify someone as a hero. A person qualifies a hero when they performed a service to others in need, voluntarily, while making sacrifices, without expectation of reward. The Soldier-
A soldier is a person who serves in the army.
Soldiers sacrifice their life day by day for the people of their country. They sacrifice their life and their time and their ability to live safely in their country and being able to make their own choices and being able to sleep in a nice bed at night. Kyle Carpenter exhibits the status of the youngest …show more content…
Without teachers, the world’s population would exist uneducated, unable to advance in life. Teachers obtain a reputation of what some could say “underpaid.” Teachers do not receive the recognition they should- teaching all day, grading work, having to stay after hours. But, teachers continue teaching even with the lack of appreciation or reward. Teachers perform selflessness. Teachers sacrifice long hours of their time, their own money for supplies, their sanity. Remember that one time your teacher stayed late after school to tutor you? Or that time your teachers bumped your grade from a 69 to a 70? Or that time your teacher spent hours creating a lesson plan that wouldn’t bore

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