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Q: Is it true that our struggle for independence and our ....
I agree that it’s a bit too late to establish our identity when we reach early adulthood.As a matter of fact many people, start to have struggle for independence in early adolescence,during which both boys and girl would normally show a distinct or indistinct sense of rebellion, demonstrating a early mental and physical separation from the care of parents and pursuing a relative freedom on their own.It is for the first time, from where I am standing, that teenagers’ self-image and self-consciousness are awaken and activated in their life,and their basic personality and outlook and unique individuality are from then on gradually formed in the process of trying to extend their little world and explore attractions from almost every corner of life.
Q: Is the excessive need for parental approval...Does it...
The excessive need for parental approval doubtlessly make some contributions to detaching us from achieving independence,but what essentially signify are the unnecessary concern and overflowing sensitiveness from parents.Assuming we are reared in a family where parents’ so-called good-for-us advises are always put ahead of ours and in which seldom do we have alternatives to choose our path towards what we really what to be,how can we develop the conviction that when we grow up we will make our own choice without the permission of our parents?
For certain there’s no possibility that we’ll be instantly independence as long as we stop listen to our parents,at least finance remained dependent,and it’s for the time being premature and irrational to reject our parents’ suggestions.Acceptance and reflection, are what I consider the first step to cultivate our authentic independence....

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