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The History of Black Women Hair

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The History of Black Women Hair
In the early year black women faces problems with managing their hair and creating different hair styles to wear.
The black woman was limited to styles when it came to doing black hair. The texture of black women’s hair was woolly, thick, unmanageable and bushy. Many would cover their hair with wigs. Many kept their hair in a bush, or braids, and others pulled the hair back into a pony-tail.
In 1905, steel hot comb with teeth spaced for apart for thick hair was invented by Sarah Breedlove giving the black women straight hair (Sarah Breedlove, 2009, p. 2). Women all over were using the straightening comb getting the straight long lengthy hair that was more manageable for combing. In 1928, Marjorie Joyner invented permanent relaxer for the black women hair (Bellis, 2009, p. 2). This new method would soften and smooth black women hair. The textured of the black women’s hair had changed stronger, straighter, more manageable, soft and smooth. The permanent relaxer was better than straightening comb because the straight of hair lasts longer after using the permanent relaxer. The styles were holding up longer. Being able to manage the hair became easier. Black women everywhere were using the product permanent relaxer in their hair. The permanent relaxer was such hit among the black women. Marjorie Joyner improved the permanent relaxer into a permanent wave machine that could perm and curl black women hair.
The permanent relaxer and curls has giving black women’s hair that flexibility needed to create different hair styles. To managed hard hair styles and soft hair styles with the permanent relaxer straightening the hair. The straightening of the hair made it easier to cut black women’s hair, giving the hair that flexibility to be cut into different hair styles, even if the styles were short, medium, and long. Coloring was introduce to black women, with the different colors black women wear red, gold, purple, and blonde in their hair. These colors last for month.
Beauty shops around the world are doing black women’s hair. Black women are spending hours in beauty shop having different treatments done to their hair. Today black women can color and styles the hair by perming the hair, curling, wave curls, straightening, cutting, twists, braids, bush, and straightening braid, flat iron, etc. The styles and colors give black hair long lasting look for a long period. Today black women’s is wearing many different hair styles and color their no limits.

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