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The Home Front Effort Provides Support

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American fear and suspicion was a cultural and social factor that caused the internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War. Operating out of a position of fear, paranoia, and skepticism, President Roosevelt signed an internment order that relocated all Japanese Americans who had Japanese ancestry and Japanese people in camps on the West Coast of the United States. The fear was that the Japanese were plotting another surprise attack and tha0t Japanese spies, or those who could operate as spies, needed to be rounded up and given a loyalty oath to the nation. The government thought that all Japanese ancestry would stay loyal to their ground no matter what. The camps, which were relocated, lacked effective medical care, and were situated in the desert, subject to extremely hot temperatures. The stress of being relocated and living a life in camps had adverse physical and psychological effects on many. At the same time, the consequence of the internment was that the court concluded that many of the Constitutional Rights of the detainees had been violated, under the Habeas Corpus clause of the Constitution. At the same time, I would suggest that the internment of Japanese Americans displayed a level of contradictory behavior in American policy and its ideals. A nation predicated upon individual freedom and liberty was denying it to a group, about 2/3 of who were Americans. Finally, another consequence was that while America stood strong in its commitment to European and Japanese fascism, it was engaging in practices that were perilously close to this foreign brand of repression within its own borders.
President Roosevelt issued the Executive Order 9066 in February 1942 which meant it order interment to more than a hundred thousand of Japanese and Japanese Americans citizen. Japanese immigrants started working for railroads and were becoming property...

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