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The Human Resource Manager and Managing Multiple Responsibilities

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1. Human resource management consists of numerous activities. What areas were illustrated by Sam’s schedule on this particular day?
Sam would like to plan his activities ahead in an organized manner but what he ends up doing is reacting to the multiple issues that arise throughout the day as a result of one unfortunate unplanned incident after the next. Although that is obviously not the best way to perform while feeling you are doing your job effectively it is probably the way that most people operate each day at work. There were many tasks Sam was pulled into handling throughout his day. Upon arriving at work Sam was approached by Al about a new worker not showing up for work on the dock. At this point Sam was responsible for finding someone to fill in. Once Sam arrived at the HR office he had to work out a payroll situation. At Sam's desk he was approached with the mail. Opening the mail was disrupted by a phone call regarding a complaint the plant manager had about his administrative assistant, he is looking for a replacement. He returned to his initial task of finding a fill in for the dock. Before he completed that task his attention was diverted to termination reports. Sam answered the phone before he had a chance to consider the termination reports which resulted in Glenna Johnson reminding him of the importance of another task he needed to address regarding unsolved grievances. She was annoyed when he mentioned he did not have time. Again, before considering that issue he was approached with another request this time to approve rate changes. Sam then had to attend to job applicants that had arrived for interviews. During the interviews Sam’s friend Cecil who is an engineer at the plant showed up to talk over a cup of coffee. Sam was required to attend a staff meeting that he wasn't too interested in. Sam went to lunch with someone to...

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