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The Hunting Ground Summary

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The Hunting Ground is a documentary that shows how two University of North Carolina rape victims, Annie Clark and Andrea Pino, join forces to seek proper justice for the treatment and neglect of rape cases on college campuses nationwide in the United States of America. Clark and Pino, instead of giving up on their rape cases that were handled improperly by the executive board of UNC continued to fight the way colleges dealt with rape victims and rape suspects by becoming advocates and educating themselves and others of their institutional rights. The Hunting Grounds tracks the start of Clark and Pino’s on-going journey to make college students aware of the issues of institutions protecting the name and reputation of the institution rather than …show more content…
When college administration does decide to deal with a sexual assault case, it is not to seek justice for the rape victim rather it is to make it look as so disciplinary measures were taken. The Hunting Ground provides a lot of astonishing facts surrounding sexual assault on college campus of the facts provided, The Hunting Ground noted some of the punishments enforced on the students found guilty of sexual assault. Being suspended from school during summer vacation, being suspended from school for one day, being expelled from school after graduation, being allowed to finish playing the last three basketball games of the season before being suspended from the team, and being allowed to play the last two games of football before being suspended from the team for the rest of the season are not punishments. What has been deemed as a reasonable punishment by the college campuses that enforced the aforementioned punishments are slaps on the wrist; they are rewards for being a male, establishing dominance, maintaining a low profile and being a good athlete from which the colleges can profit from. These forms of punishment are detrimental to the wellbeing of the sexually assaulted victim because they keep a

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