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The Hypertensive Boss

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1. Characterize Mrs. Nakpil. What could she have done to improve her personality traits?
2. If you were Mrs. Nakpil, what would have you done after the meeting where Mr. Olondriz called the attention of other officers about her work? Justify your stance.
3. Characterize the leadership style of Mr. Olondriz.
4. If you were the President of Supreme Corporation, how would you handle both Mr. Olondriz and Mrs. Nakpil. Why?

1. Mrs. Nakpil is really great in what she does. She knows how to perform her job more than what is expected. But being a good at something comes with being good with other people too. Mrs. Nakpil had a very bad temper. No matter how good you are, you’ll never excel in something long enough if you are impudent. Mrs. Nakpil should have kept the communication between her and Mr. Olondriz open and helped each other in solving the company’s issues.

2. If I was Mrs. Nakpil, I would have immediately approach Mr. Olondriz and talk to him about what have occurred with my work and probably ask for another meeting to clear things out and re-talk the issue. Nothing will be ever accomplished if there is no proper communication.

3. I believe that Mr. Olondriz is “The Executive” type of leader. He is very outspoken and says what he wants to say but never leaves the job unfulfilled. He has a little patience with disorganization. Even though he was at a lost, he never left the company hanging and did everything to save the company.

4. If I were the President, I would have talked to them separately and listen to what they have to say. Being the leadear means being able to weigh the situation and hear them both. Mrs. Nakpil and Mr. Olondriz are both awesome officers. They have different personalities that as a President, must know how to handle. Great leaders start of as great…...

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