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The Ideal Best, Ex- Girlfriend

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LMC 110 Assignment 2
The Ideal Best Friend, Ex-Grlfriend?

The focus magazine that I chose is the “Seventeen” magazine. Its target market are young girls from the ages 13 until about 24. This magazine is based on the life of a young woman in South Africa today. It includes articles for lifestyle, fashion, health, what’s hip and happening around South Africa and a super awesome fan page with a letter from the editor in every amazing issue.
The editor and the Seventeen staff are very much like the Seventeen readers themselves. That is young, hip, fashionable and ready to take on the world as young powerful women ready for any action the world has to offer them. Seventeen writers also work to inspire young women and teach young teenage girls about life and issues that they would be too afraid to ask their parents about.
Seventeen magazine acts as a learning tool in the life of a young South African woman and headstrong teenager that is more than ready to learn about everything happening around her.
This magazine also works on a very social friendly environment in every aspect. It is non-bias to race, religion, culture gender or age.
The topic that will be discussed is the confusing relationship that you have with your ex-boyfriend filled with mixed signals and uneasy emotions. Most women can relate to this topic. Unless you are one of those women who tend to have sour endings to almost every relationship out there then you would probably not understand this article at all.
Yes, it does take an enormous amount of energy to be able to forgive and forget especially when it comes to heartbreak. Take time to think about those heartless cowards who broke your heart.
In the time that each one of you beautiful ladies took to remember the idiots who broke your heart once upon a time or even recently for the very unlucky ones, you had probably come up with a bunch of names that are not even legal to put into this article.
Always wondered why your ex-boyfriend treats you way better I the relationship you both have now than when you were actually officially together?
Research shows that some men cannot handle the pressure that society and the media put onto them as a man and a boyfriend and so therefore the person they were when you first met them and the person they became when you were in a relationship are completely different . Some or even most Men tend to lose sight of themselves at times I a relationship and so put us as women on edge and leave us so confused.
How do they leave us confused? Well how about the way they seem to be far more open and relaxed within the friendship after the break up than they were within the personal relationship. Or how much more flirtatious they are or the amount of compliments they tend to give.
However women also play a huge role in creating a tense atmosphere for the poor male species we cannot understand. It is a fact that Women watch a whole bunch of cheesy romance films and soppy soap operas that they tend to base their relationships upon. We as women need to take the time and look at what we are actually doing to ourselves and our men. Women need to live in the now and the reality of life and stop basing their lives on the mind projection of some director’s idea of the perfect movie world.
“It eases the pressure of me being able to be myself without society’s backdrop,” says Robin Felix, 19 year old male.
“There is no such thing as a good break up. If a guy wants to just ‘be friends’ he is always after one thing,” claims Kurt Fester, 20 year old male.
So in conclusion, is it a good idea to still be close friends with your ex-boyfriend and is he really just a friend to relax with and sit around the PlayStation with. Could you two ex-lovebirds still cuddle and watch movies without falling for one another? Is this a healthy relationship and will you ever get over him properly?
The choice is all up to you as a personal risk. If you know you are super sensitive and need space and distance to get over someone you had been in a relationship with then it is obviously not thee best idea to be the new best friend of your ex. Even though he may not be making a move, there will always be that added pressure from the female side. He will always have that cute smile or those broad shoulders that you first fell in love with.

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