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Charles C
Professor Nancy Blair
Mythology-HUM 1015
28 July 2014
Compare the Values in The Iliad With the Values That People Hold Today:
To What Extent Are Dignity, Pride, Honor, Glory, Fame, and Revenge Still Important? How does People Achieve Them Today?
Throughout history we are shown war and the many countries and times it has taken place. War of course is filled with violence and we tend to see it as it is. Homer’s The Iliad we are given a look at the human dimension of war. The story has us reflect on the actual nature of war itself. With the use of force our understanding of virtues is formed, such as honor, dignity, and pride. Unfortunately, with these virtues vices are often developed, such as fame, glory, and revenge. In history these virtues were very important, however due to most seeking them the vices were a huge downfall for most. Some would go to great measures to uphold their honor, but excess of pride and dignity could cause one to seek out glory and fame. In the Iliad Achilles decision to not fight Agamemnon and withdrawal from the battle. He is close with the gods and has superhuman strength. As a modern reader however I would consider him to be less than heroic. His deep-seated flaws in character impede this great warrior. Even though he proves to be the mightiest man in the Achaean army these flaws hinder him from acting with nobility and integrity. As in modern times a person can allow their character to be affected by something like pride. Pride can be a very dangerous thing if not dealt with in the right manor. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in ones self, such as to dress nicely or be proud of something you have worked hard at. It is when poor decisions or lack of thought for other people those problems occur. Achilles abandoned his comrades and prays that Trojans slaughters them because Agamemnon his commander disrespected...

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