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The Impact of Hrm

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The Impact of HRM
Ruth Riddick
May 17, 2015
Hev Phoung

The Impact of HRM

Improving the human resource management includes appropriate and effective payment systems, hiring processes, employee valuation, and training. We need to develop compensation plans and incentive programs that will encourage good work performers to continue, and poor work performers to want to improve. When hiring new employees, it is important our recruiters keep in accordance with the company’s policies and job requirements. To ensure our workforce supply supports the company’s demand we need to implement a skills inventory of our current employees (McGraw Hill Irwin, 2015). The most important area the company can improve upon is in employee training. New employees should undergo training during orientation. Training should be a continuous process after hire. The company can offer training weekly, monthly, and annually according to the respective skills required for each position. Ensuring employees are well-trained leads to smoother company operations because they have more experience in the job expected of them. Continuous training programs will equal continuous improvement of skills of the employees also. Employees will reestablish the skills they already have and learn new, and better ways of doing their job. Reinstating and improving the skills of the company’s employees will safeguard company operations. Employees will continue to perform at the highest levels because they are kept at the top of their knowledge-base. The employees also appreciate the training offered because it hones and increases their skills, which they can use for moving up in the company. They also can take these skills outside the company if they need to. To current and prospective employees, the company will gain a reputation of a good employer. Out of all improvements a company can make in...

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