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The Impact Of Internet Education

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The changes in technology as evidenced by increased use of the internet have several social and economic implications for different aspects of people’s life. An analysis of the impacts of the internet demands a close examination of its influence on education, culture and social life, entertainment and economy among others. The subject itself is highly debatable due to the conflicting perceptions that people have of the implications of the internet. For some, its use is associated with free access to information and enhanced economic growth while others consider that the technology leads to undesirable consequences such as cultural erosion and cyber crimes (Bughin et al., 2011). Therefore, any attempt to argue that the internet
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A number of surveys have indicated that students and professors often use the internet as the main source of information in the current society (Bughin et al., 2011). People have developed a heavy reliance on the internet in doing research, job search and facilitating online education. It is right to acknowledge that interactions between educators and learners have been changed largely with the development of the internet technology. Nowadays learners can easily receive information on the internet in any language of interest (Barfield, 2003). Hence governments and institutions of higher learning are closely involved in the advocacy for computer literacy among students. In addition, schools and universities have adopted online studies to facilitate access to education by eliminating a compulsory requirement for a physical interaction between learners and instructors. Despite all these positive aspects, the internet has a harmful effect on students as well. In some cases, unlimited opportunities on the internet allow learners to access some areas that are unsuitable and even dangerous (Deb, 2014). Most of young people are unable to differentiate between secure and insecure websites hence exposing themselves to safety …show more content…
Technological advancements have made the use of the internet an everyday affair. Based on the current trend, it is evident that more people are getting access to the internet every day. This proves that the use of the internet has a lot of benefits such as easier access to education, availability of information, economic developments and unlimited access to services on the global platform. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that it is wrong to focus on the advantages of the internet without considering its negative implications. Hazards like cyber crime, moral and cultural erosion, cyber bullying and accessibility of pornographic material to teenagers can be prevented or minimized. However, it requires a collective responsibility of parents, teachers, the government and the general public. Thus, a safe use of the internet can be beneficial to people in different societies. While helping those with low internet access, for instance, citizens of the third world countries, to understand the power behind its use and adopt it in business transactions, people can make their lives rich with opportunities for future

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