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The Impact of Job Satisfaction to the Working’s Environment of Vietnamese National Economics University

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1. Rationale
People management is an essential aspect of organizational process. A well-managed business organization leads to an effective productivity. To ensure this productivity, the organization has to create comfortable and satisfying condition for their employees so that they get job satisfaction.
Job satisfaction affects emotions and beliefs that each employee has about their work and their job. Job satisfaction is the result of employees’ perception which is viewed as important to them. There are several factors that affect an employee’s satisfaction on his/her job.
Our paper looks forward to applying the theories and methods of sociology and organizational behavior to clear the impact of job satisfaction to the working’s environment in general and to National Economics University’s organization in particular. From the analysis of these impacts, we can take some recommendation to improve the university’s organizational effectiveness.

2. Objectives * Broad objective
The main objective of this study is to define clearly how job satisfaction influences employees in general and also in staff at National Economics University. * Specific objective

* To identify the importance of job satisfaction and the factors those influence the job satisfaction of teacher and employees working at National Economics University. * To identify employees’ perception in their job. * To offer alternative suggestions to improve the job satisfaction level at National Economics University.

3. Overview of National Economics University

National Economics University (NEU) is a top national university of economics, management and business administration in Vietnam. The university has over 45,000 students and 1228 staffs (including, 18 professors, 95 associate professors, 255 doctoral and 391 masters).
Human resources is a very important...

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