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The Impact of Technology on My Life

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‘The Impact of Technology on my Life’

Technology is so much apart of our lives that we could not imagine a life without it. Technology has helped create the world that we live in. The world is a different place than it used to be, even 40 years ago.

The internet has been a huge advance. It has allowed people to become more educated than ever. Information is so accessible.
As a student of fashion I find the internet a necessity. Fashion is never ending and there is always new information to discover. The internet is the only way to be up to date on the fashion world because it is so fast paced and changeable. I wouldn’t know half the things I do about the fashion world if it weren’t for the thousands of websites dedicated to it. As someone who wants to be involved in the world of fashion I need to be up to date with trends etc. and the best places to look are certain informative sites like and I need to know all the new look for each season and I need to be able to identify the designer who created those looks. The only way of keeping so update is by doing a daily or weekly search online for all the new trends and fashion news. Of course I’m not the only one who is learning things on a daily bases from websites. Millions of adults and students are learning new information or skills everyday online. We, as a population, are growing ever more intelligent and I think the internet has a lot to do with that.

No one hands hand-written assignments or essays in to lectures anymore. In a few circumstance they would not be accepted if they were not typed. In this case, access to a computer is essential for students. For organization skills as well a computer can be so useful. Keeping all your work together in a file on the computer is so simple to do and so effective for personal organization.

You can search for anything in the world and you are bound to find it online. It’s a great way to look up cinema times and bus and train time too. These websites are so informative and give you all the information you could possibly need. You can look up recipes, book reviews, images, cars for sale, it’s endless. One of my favorite advantages is shopping online. You can shop for clothing, accessories, books, films, music, cameras, games, you name it. It’s such a simple process and usually only costs a small bit extra for delivery. I shop online especially around Christmas for presents. There are some items that wouldn’t be available in Ireland, with online shopping I can just have them sent to me from different countries.

There has been a breakthrough in all the forms of communication. We now have email, home telephones, mobile telephones, texts, calls, fax, social network websites, video conferencing, instant messaging and Skype.
Even in the twenty years ago that I was born there has been such an advance in communicative technology. In an emergency people can be informed without a hesitation, you can talk to long lost friends on social networks, you can talk to family abroad, all at the touch of a button. It is remarkably easy to contact people. As a very busy person, I find it hard to see my friends and family as often as I’d like to.
I feel that I am always working, but social network sites like Facebook allow me to keep update and in contact with all my friends and family. If it wasn’t for these sites, I’d have probably lost contact with a lot of my friends.
Websites like Facebook and Photobucket and blog-sites are great for sharing pictures too. People are recording all aspects of their lives and in the future will be happy to be able to look back over these documented parts of their lives. Skype is an incredible online service, which allows you to talk to friend and family etc. for free from your computer. All you have to do is set up an account and you can chat for hours for free, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Email is an incredible way to stay in touch with friends too. Also you can apply for jobs via Email or via Online Applications.

Another impact that technology has had on my life is it is so easy to manage my money and accounts online. Most banks an online banking service now and it is so simple to operate company or personal accounts. You can pay for bills online and check your statements and balance. You can also transfer money to different accounts and pay for anything online. It is easier to track your money and to use it wisely because you know exactly how much you have in your account and you can check your statements to see when and where you are spending your money.

The internet is a great way to promote things also. You see ads on all the major websites. Usually these ads will offer deals though. Or some sites will have deals that are specifically for online shoppers. A lot of holiday agents and car sales sites will have online deals. You can pick up a bargain if you do the research. There are also sites devoted to giving deals and sales. is constantly advertising their great prices online.

These days’ people’s time of leisure and relaxing is going online to check emails and updates and instant message a friend. People’s idea of a good laugh is going online and checking the hottest video on YouTube. The celebrity world and the ‘real’ world are closer linked than ever with the internet allowing us to check their updates on Twitter and Facebook, giving us a direct link to the celebrity themselves.
Also there is a lot of dating sites where people can chat and meet. So this is revolutionizing the dating world. People are making friends on these dates sites and social network sites and some are finding love. Technology is moving relationships further along, even if it’s just as friends, who keep in touch via these sites. It’s comforting to know that you can contact someone so easily, if you need to.

Music is such a satisfying part of life and the internet makes music so accessible. You can listen to any song you want at any time you want on the internet. Music is fantastic for changing moods. It’s soothing and comforting. With the likes of itunes and YouTube I’m never left short of a good song to listen to. To me, music is so important. I love to listen to music on my ipod on the way to work and college etc. and it brightens up my day. If I hear a new song on the radio I can instantly download it and have it ready to go. I am also a dancer and music is the foundation of dance. I do a lot of shows on stage and we always have fantastic music for the routines.

If it weren’t for technology, friends would no longer be friends. In such a fast paced world we need this connection through technology to stay in touch and be a part of someone’s life. It’s a sad thing to lose touch but it’s comforting knowing their only a click of a button away. I have family and friends all over the globe and for me technology is a blessing and I could not imagine life without it.
I believe technology is essential in everyone’s life and without it, there would not be such a sense of community and kept friendships.

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