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The Impact of the Iom Report on the Future of Nursing (1)

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The key points that the Institute of Medicine report covers are that nurses should be able to practice their full potential and extent based on the training and the education (Transforming Practice); the nurses should be able to achieve excellence in improved system of education and as well training (Transforming Education); and nurses should partner in full with doctors and professionals in health care in the redesigning of practices (Transforming Leadership).
Impact of Report on Transforming Education The report recommends five core competencies to be integrated in the nursing education. They are, patient centered care, working with other interdisciplinary teams, emphasize practice based on evidence, seeking improvement in quality, and informatics. Computer skills and information management are required for nurses in order to keep up with the technological advancement in the medical field. The need for highly educated nurses and improved and improved education system are a must to keep up with the drastic changes and challenges the healthcare field in the United States has shifted in this century. Patient care in the 21st century is not the same as last century. The need and patient care have become more complicated and complex so nurses have to obtain competencies and skills in order to deliver high quality care. The need for expansion in their roles for higher levels of education and an improved system of education are required for nurses now for meeting the diverse needs of the patients and to provide better care. Improving the education system and achieving a more educated work force is increasing with nurses having baccalaureate degrees, that is, a traditional Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Nursing program or a traditional 4 year Bachelor of Nursing program or a program that allows a transition from Associate in Diploma Nursing to Bachelor of Nursing....

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