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The Impact of Rewards on Employee Performance: Case Study of Organisations from Two Sectors in Nigeria

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The Impact of Rewards on Employee Performance: Case Study of Organisations from Two Sectors in Nigeria

Chapter 1
Overview of the Study

W hat with the constant changes occurring in the world today, especially with regards to technology and innovation, there is a need for companies to reassess the manner in which they communicate to both their employees and their customers. At the same time, there is also a need for these companies to organise the tasks at hand, design systems and processes, and re-evaluate and improve current management styles (Harmon, 2007). This is especially needed in areas where the competition is constantly increasing and consistently challenging. Two of these industries are the banking industry and the hospitality industry (which the researcher shall discuss in detail in the following sections of this paper). In this chapter, the researcher shall provide a brief overview of the remaining sections of this paper, the aims and objectives of this research study, and its rationale. In addition, the researcher shall also provide a conclusion summarizing what this chapter shall be about, which shall also be a recurring feature of succeeding chapters.

According to Dewhurst et al. (2010), there are other means to reward employees that do not just focus on financial compensation. Some of these include the praise that employees are able to acquire from their managers, the opportunity to take on

important projects or tasks, and even leadership attention. The latter refers to the treatment of the employees by their managers in such a manner that the employees are also considered to be as leaders as well. These three motivators constantly appear on most research studies and are excellent means to encourage the employee to...

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