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The Importance Of Academic Writing

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1. Statement of the Problem
Some of you wish to be writers, some of you wish to be correspondents, and some of you wish to be translators, while others wish to be teachers. No matter what career you choose, the ability to write is a necessity in life. Luo 1989:26 Indeed, Writing is very important for EFL students and writing is the basic part of academic and professional life. What distinguishes a literate person from an illiterate one is the ability of the former to read and write. What distinguishes a successful EFL learner from an unsuccessful one is the ability of the former to convey his/her ideas and thoughts (knowledge) in a written form. It is obvious that a person can learn how to read easily, whereas in the case of
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theses successfully when they carry on their further studies. As pointed out by Torrance et al., the ability to write clearly and fluently is undoubtedly one of the most important skills required for graduates (1999:189) and effective writing is fundamental to success in higher education .Academic writing is arguably the most important language skill at university because students’ grades are largely determined by their performance in written assignments, tests and examinations or graduation thesis (Leki and Carson: 174). Therefore, equipping tertiary English students with knowledge of academic writing is really essential Writing is a necessary means to answer subject modules (linguistics, Civilization literature), because, acquiring knowledge without having the linguistic means to transmit it into the written communication without doubt will prevent students form academic success. Acquiring knowledge without having the linguistic means to transmit it into the written form is useless as students’ Day without students or as children’s Day without …show more content…
However, the real issue, in this context, is how to help our learners overcome their difficulties or problems in writing and improve their writing skills. In other words, students themselves recognize that they face problems when they write, but what they need is their teachers’ help to work hand in hand to solve these problems. The nature of the materials used in EFL writing courses does not encourage EFL learners to get involved in a fruitful act of writing. In sum, effective academic writing is crucial to every university student, since much of the assessment that goes on at university is based, not only on what information students present, but also on how that information is presented in

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