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The Importance of Accommodating the Differences of Our Students

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The Importance of Accommodating the Differences of our Students In today’s education, educators know that all students are different and that they all don’t learn the same. But to often educators do treat their students all the same and don’t recognize their difference. When this occurs in the classrooms it causes the students to not feel a part of the classroom and can cause them to fail. This is why it is very important that we as educators know and understand that all students are different and bring their own approach, strength, interest and talents to the classroom. Every student can contribute to the classroom in different ways that can help everyone to grow and succeed in school. Without an understanding of the unique meaning existing for the individual, the Problems of helping him effectively are almost insurmountable. --- Arthur Combs There are many different types of students that can contribute great things to your classrooms. By having a variety of students in your room, not only allows the other students to learn and grow from them but it also allows you as their educator to grow and learn as an individual and teacher. Some group of students that can contribute to your classroom and add great value are students with special needs, gifted students and students with a learning disability. All these students can add diversity in a positive way to your classroom. They can teach others that being different is alright and just because you are not the same does not mean that you all can’t get and achieve the same goals in your education. By having individuals in your classroom that bring diversity it can also teach everyone patience which is a great tool to teach your students because in today’s world everything’s is in fast motion and not everyone has the patience or respect for others. By having and teaching respect on differences in…...

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