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The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence

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If artificial intelligence were capable of emotions, they would be treated with caution, love, and care because of their human attributes. These characteristics appeal to humans due to the kinship that they would feel and the possible desire to build a healthy relationship with machines. Artificial intelligence, being as helpful as it is, has become a very important aspect of humanity. This implies that with humans being as dependent as they are on AI if AIs began to start having feelings, it would affect the way humans interact with them.
When interacting with people around us, we would want to be able to build a healthy relationship to ensure that there is a positive atmosphere. That positivity is created through personality traits. Knowing that one is dealing with another individual who will have some type of emotional response to relations around them, changes a person’s perspective on how they want to be perceived. To improve the way someone would want to be perceived would be through treating the relationship between the two with caution. The same can be said about the relationship an individual would have with any type of artificial intelligence. In Kurt Vonnegut’s story,
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“I spared him that final humiliation” (Vonnegut 37), said the narrator. This quote was said about EPICAC by the narrator after he had told EPICAC that Pat cannot

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