The Importance of Being Earnest

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The playwright Oscar Wilde uses humor to delineate the gravity of the society of the era when the play was written down. Underneath all the facade and the drama,their lies a very crude, rigid society which even deters a person to act according to one’s wish. The era when the play was written down was a very sensitive where the concept of middle class came into being. After the industrial revolution, London undergoes a rapid socio-economic change. People of the gentry became richer and a vivid line of distinction were formed between the rich and the poor. with economic benefits came a constant tension of maintaining one’s social status in the society.In order to do so people started residing to double standard living, a life for the public to witness and appreciate and a private life to suffice one’s heart’s desire.However this kind double standard living were only seen amongst the gentlemen, ladies were more into the protective shield of the household,perhaps thats why they didn’t have to pretend so much. They were never considered to be an active member of the society and were given trivial responsibilities and duties. However instances were found where their seeding passion were seen like the discovery of Cecily’s diary where she had penned down all her dreams and passion. It was perhaps the only place where she did not have to maintain her perfectly immaculate behavior and where she could be her own master.

The act of bunburrying is nothing but letting one’s inner-self to come out and express its subdued desires. The character Bunburry is one such make-believe character originated by Algernon in order to lapse into his true self from the stifling fashionable society in which he resided in. It was a way of escape for him from the claustrophobia of the surroundings in which he found himself difficult to adjust. Algernon has used Bunbury…...